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The Mindful trifecta: Yoga, Yin, and Meditation

Why these are an important part of my mindful journey?


The slow flow is easy to explain. I'm seriously uncoordinated and I move slow. Just kidding! Well I am uncoordinated, but that's not the reason. I love taking classes of all kinds from various teachers. It gives me an opportunity to experience something different and to learn from those teachers. However, I find slow flow yoga extremely calming by taking a few breaths during each pose and being aware of my alignment along with the sensations that are occurring during the practice. Keep in mind that the movement focuses on strengthening your muscles.

As we are all different and have different needs/wants, it's important to find out what speaks to you. Maybe fast movement gives you that same calmness that a slow flow provides for me. Thankfully there are many different types of yoga out there to try. If you took one class and it didn't feel right for you, then try a different type of yoga class. Try different teachers to. Isn't it awesome that yoga is so widespread now that you have choices?

Don't be afraid to try something new. It might just be your jam.


Yin is deep stretching where you go into a pose and then let your muscles relax. It moves the focus away from the muscles and into the connective tissues (the ligaments, tendons, and fascia). These poses are typically sitting or lying on the mat, so the muscles that are not being used to hold you in that position are able to relax. Each position is held anywhere from three to five minutes.


Meditation is the final piece of the mindful trifecta. Taking even 3 minutes a day to just relax and breathe helps me to focus. Sometimes things get crazy at work and I feel overwhelmed or frustrated so I walk away and go for a walk. A few minutes of focusing on my breath and forgetting about what is waiting for me at my desk provides a much needed release. It also helps to clear the mind and can give you a different view on whatever project you are working on. Yoga Nidra is also something I love to do in the evening. I get to lay down on my mat, relax, and just listen. Probably not a good idea when I'm super tired as I tend to relax so much, I fall asleep. But I love it! Psstt...check out Yoga Nidra for sleep if you have trouble sleeping.

Why call it a trifecta?

Because these three practices focus on the muscles, connective tissues, and mind. All together they provide that balance of mind/body/spirit that we need in our daily lives.

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